Dance, Dance, Dance, To The Radio

While it feels like we have been stuck behind black clouds for a while now, a few rays of light are starting to shine through. We are optimistic that change is happening and things will get brighter! One thing that has been helping us get through 2020 is listening to all the radio shows that have been including Ten Million Lights over the last couple of weeks. We also got to do a fun interview and garnered a review from The Big Takeover!

Stations from as far away as Thailand, to closer ones in Austin TX, and Los Angeles have been playing our songs and we couldn’t be happier. Cat Radio from Bangkok played Never Let Go, Bluebird from KOOP in Austin, TX played Better To Know on her show The Gazing Ball, and DKFM in Los Angeles has been playing Myanmar. Eardrum Buzz radio has been giving us some love with Brett playing Myanmar on his show Brett’s Ramblings 118 and Elizabeth playing Better To Know on her show The Kitchen Sink #108. Bombshell Radio played The Swirl on their show Addictions and Other Vices 740 – Days Like These and last but not least, the Shoegaze Kid himself, Dean Bromley, included our song Myanmar on his Shoegaze, dreampop & psych playlist #244.

If you haven’t gotten to check out Tilley’s Music Guidance yet you will be pleasantly surprised. Its a fun, quirky show from London that does deep dives into more obscure alternative music from all eras. Jack asked us to do an interview and it was a total blast.

The next issue of The Big Takeover is about to come out and we can’t wait to get our copy and read the review of our latest release Shine So Bright. If you aren’t subscribers then get on it quick to make sure you get the next issue featuring Joe Pernice, No Joy, Mark Gardner from Ride, BDRMM and of course our review!

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