Into the Maelstrom

It has been such a whirlwind of activity in the world as well as in our little music bubble, but we’ve been focused on positivity and change and see some cracks forming where the beautiful things are starting to push through. We’ve had an overwhelming response to our new release Shine So Bright and even though that might be relatively small in the scope of things, for an underground band, we are forever grateful.

We are pleased to have been able to give back a little by contributing our song Never Let Go to this compilation put together by Seagaze Festival from Seattle that benefits the Lo Fi, one of the many live music venues that are in trouble right now. If you are able, please pick up a copy of Save The Lo Fi Seattle!!, to help out a good cause. It includes so many amazing acts and producers including This Blinding Light, Sciflyer, Soft Science, Did You Die, The Cult of Lip, The Purrs, Fotoform, Blackpool Astronomy, Martin Bisi and tons more.

Radio stations have continued to support us and we were excited to have charted on New York’s Bagel Radio! Shoegaze Sanctuary Radio debuted The Swirl along with a sonic blast of the heaviest shoegaze out there. Jack Rabid from The Big Takeover Show played Better To Know, Madame Maledicta on Eardrum Buzz Radio played Myanmar, Radio Wigwam in the UK played Never Let Go and DKFM continues to amaze us by keeping a handful of our songs in regular rotation.

We were pleased to work with Into The Melody to celebrate the release of Shine So Bright on October 2nd. They created a whole weekend devoted to promoting the release including a great review, our first interview where we discuss the release, and a playlist of bands that have influenced us over the years. We also got a rave reviews from Flying Fiddlesticks, and Shoegaze Blog, got included in an Indie Sounds Good playlist and a shout-out from Shoegazer Alive

And for the cherry on the top, I got an amazing birthday surprise when Uncle Scotty from the Radio Hot Tub show on Freeform Portland 90.3 posted that he was going to play a 30 minute set of Ten Million Lights music to help me celebrate. It had the best morning as I sat back in the sun, drank my coffee and listened away. Thank you Uncle Scotty!!

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