The Elusive Myanmar Garners Attention

Ten Million Lights have enjoyed watching the attention that has surrounded the release of their newest single Myanmar.

Static Sounds Club calls Myanmar an “absolute classic in the making,” and says, “These shoegazers have a penchant for catchy hooks and imaginative lyrics. If you like your gaze on the heavy side, you’ll love what Ten Million Lights are doing here. Driving bass and drums support a fuzzy, grungy riff fuelled assault on your senses. Lyrically we are off to outer space, through a black hole to seek assistance from the reptilian people.   Any band that can fit the line ‘Praying mantis come and save us reptilian son’ into a song deserves our undying admiration.”

Surviving The Golden Age listened to Myanmar and wrote about being bombarded by the wall of sound guitars and driving drums.

Taking us back to when we sat around and watched music videos all day, Maledicta Radio added Myanmar to a video playlist that captured our fancy.

Pretty in Noise from Germany gave a shout out to Never Let Go and it was was also added to the Echoes Of The City August 2020 playlist by Mar Gee from Setting Son Records in Birmingham, England, as well as to a behemoth playlist from Indierock DJ Nacho Ruiz from Barcelona, Spain that included heavyweights like Skylights, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, The Asteroid #4, and Andy Bell!

And last but not least, Sky & Space added Smother to their first playlist.

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