The Black Box reviews Ten Million Lights first record almost ten years later

Big thanks to King Lear who reviewed Ten Million Lights eponymous first record.  He writes from France on The Black Box blog and had some beautiful words to say about the record almost ten years after its release.  If you speak French  then check it out here:

Please forgive the Google Translate version of the review, but some of the highlights include, “This is probably one of the most important albums of the year 2010, and the next ten, at least in my own sphere …”

He describes the sound as, “Minimalist synth, voices as well as murmured, masculine and feminine echoing in a lascivious dance, drums muted, guitar sound tortured, diluted in the mass and low teleported post-punk of the beautiful era. It is this explosive mixture that makes the success of this album, So when I heard this duet of voice, he with his hot gravity, and she with her discreet shyness, I’m there both feet forward. And I continue to do it almost ten years later with the same pleasure.”

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