The Deli Features Ten Million Lights

Ten Million Lights is excited that The Deli featured them on Portland Artists On The Rise saying 10ML is an “Interesting combination” of noisy, industrial/shoegaze guitars, male/female vocals, and trip-hop beats.  The Deli also included 10ML in their Band of the Month poll.  Vote for 10ML here.

Thanks to Andrew Martin from Potholes In My Blog, who wrote a lovely review of 10ML saying, “The band’s lead single, Fast Asleep, absolutely had me interested in hearing more from them.  The vocal melodies during the chorus were particularly gripping as was, of course, the gigantic wall of sound.”

The very poetic blog from France, So The Wind Won’t Blow It All Away were the first blog  to post10ML song, The Longing And The Waiting, and called it, “stunning iridescent pop. radiant. sensitized solar. Residual memories of a past musical lands known reincarnated. owl.”

Nerdy Frames introduced Ten Million Lights to their readers and posted an MP3 for Fast Asleep.

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