Ten Million Lights Mixtape Madness

Ten Million Lights is excited to have  been included in so many mixtapes this week including one today from Beat The indie Drum which featured Fast Asleep along with songs from artists like Telekinesis, Loch Lomond, British Sea Power, Bardo Pond and more.

Eardrums Music also included Fast Asleep along with tracks from Dum Dum Girls, Fujiya & Miyagi, Cloud Nothings, High High, Psychic Powers and more.

Thanks to Faronheit for again including a Ten Million Lights song in their Pick Your Poison mixtape.  This time they featured Fast Asleep as well as tracks from White Pines, Weekend, Bikini, Computer Magic, Swim Party and others.

Nicarola Musikblog from Germany led off his Mixahulababy #202 mixtape with Fast Asleep and followed it with songs from Modern Skirts, Cloud Control, The Heavy, Brass Bed, and White Pines.

MVSW On The Rise also featured Fast Asleep along with other tunes from artists like Keith Cansius, OFF!, The Octopus Project, The Glass and more.

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