Thrilling Start To New Year

Ten Million Lights are thrilled and honored to have been included in Big Takeover Magazines Top EPs of 2020. Its surreal to look at this list of amazing acts, including some of our favorite bands of all times, and see Shine So Bright come in at #16.

Midnight To Six wrote an insightful piece about Shine So Bright saying, “While the Ten Million Lights sound may be heavily based on a bedrock of the more hard-hitting Ride/Swervedriver end of the shoegaze spectrum, singer Ryan Carroll (previously from Saturna and Silver Surfer) brings a very ’60s-styled sense of songwriting and harmony to the table. In fact if you stripped all the hard-hitting rhythms and twisted guitar atmospherics out from these songs you could probably repurpose his vocal tracks for a set of songs that recall The Who circa-Sell Out or Simon & Garfunkel even.” Now that’s what we would call an astute listener.

Shoegazer Alive gave a shout out to our new 10 x 10ML EP that includes our remix of Kill Yr Idols as well as a reimagined The Longing And The Waiting and a acoustic version of Fast Asleep.

Ten Million Lights also got some radio plays over the last week including Bagel Radio who played Comatose, DKFM who played Myanmar and another shout out from Resurrection Radio.

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