Spotify Playlists add Ten Million Lights

DKFM along with a slew of Spotify listeners have created playlists in 2020 that include Ten Million Lights songs like Fast Asleep and Night Lines.

DKFM included Ten Million Lights in their “DKFM’s Best of Shoegaze and Dream Pop 2019” playlist alongside DIIV, Spotlights, New Age Healers, Black Nite Crash, Reveries and tons more.

Tyni included Fast Aleep in her playlist “Shoegaze Dream Pop” with a plethora of amazing bands like Ringo Deathstarr, Nothing, and Deafcult.

Sky & Space put together a playlist called Wonderland; a “smooth and ambient experience of music curated to bring you nothing but chill vibes the whole way through.” They included Night Lines along with Velvet Shakes, The Lovepools and more.

Fast Asleep was also included in this massive playlist. Enjoy!

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