Ten Million Lights guest DJs on SSRFM with Trillion

Last week Ten Million Lights had a great time joining Joe Shoegaze on SSRFM, Real Shoegaze Radio, The Sanctuary.  We were joined by Australian band Trillion who just released a new EP entitled “When I Wake”.  It was a delicious smorgasbord of shoegaze tunes, old and new, heavy, dreamy and beautiful.  We had a ton of fun playing some of our favorite local bands’ tunes including stuff from True Primitives, Black Nite Crash, and Lost Echoes.

Check out this amazing playlist and listen to the show to hear the band give background on how we recorded our last record Sour Oranges, some of the effects we use and whats in store for the future.

1. Westkust “Swebeach”  https://westkust.bandcamp.com/album/westkust

2. Low Fly “Sleepy Cat”  https://lowfly.bandcamp.com/

3. Trillion “Slow Down”  https://trillion1.bandcamp.com/

4. Trillion “When I Wake” (World Premiere Single) https://trillion1.bandcamp.com/

5. Westkust “Rush”  https://westkust.bandcamp.com/album/westkust

6. The Empty Sleeps “Good Place”  https://theemptysleeps.bandcamp.com/

7. Kinoko Teikoku “Whirlpool”

8. Ten Million Lights “Falling Apart” (from Sour Oranges April 2018) https://tenmillionlights.bandcamp.com/album/sour-oranges

9. Mumrunner “Bond”  https://mumrunner.bandcamp.com/

10. Kestrels “No Alternative”  https://kestrels.bandcamp.com/

11. Ten Million Lights “Mayday” (from Sour Oranges April 2018)

12. True Primitives “Love Bomb”  https://trueprimitives.bandcamp.com/releases

13. Black Night Crash “Heart of Stone”

14. The Catherine Wheel “I Want to Touch You”

15. Ride “Polar Bear”  https://rideox4.bandcamp.com/album/this-is-not-a-safe-place

16. Blushing “Between the Walls” https://weareblushing.bandcamp.com/

17. Sun Lotus “Picturesque” https://hemalabel.bandcamp.com/track/picturesque

18. Telever “Everything” https://telever.bandcamp.com/album/have-a-good-healthy

19. Under Electric Light “Drop” https://underelectriclight.bandcamp.com/

20. Trillion “Circles Around Me” (From When I Wake) https://trillion1.bandcamp.com/

21. KnifePlay “Suffer”  https://knifeplayforever.bandcamp.com/

22. Deafcult “Here Be Death”  https://deafcultbrisbane.bandcamp.com/album/auras

23. Sadness “I Want to be There”  https://sadnessmusic.bandcamp.com/album/i-want-to-be-there

24. Submotile “Eastern Sky Sundown”  https://submotile.com/

25. Kigo “Come, Come to Me”  https://kigo.bandcamp.com/

26. Lost Echoes “Reverse My Life”  https://lostechoes.bandcamp.com/album/all-my-heart

27. Etti-Etta “Yellow Flowers”  https://ettietta.bandcamp.com/

28. The Stargazer Lilies “Fukitol”  https://thestargazerlilies.bandcamp.com/

29. Saturna “Roll Down” (Ten Million Lights previous outfit, Saturna with Ryan Carroll and Eric Block as original band members!)

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