Ten Million Lights play Alberta St. Pub with Dirty Sidewalks

Ten Million Lights had a ton of fun with Dead Dives and Dirty Sidewalks at the Alberta St. Pub on March 22nd.  Dead Dives played furious punk rock with a psychedelic lap steel to mix it up and Dirty Sidewalks played their brand of Britpop-via-Seattle with perfect harmonies and wicked grooves.  Willamette Week described Ten Million Lights as a “Powerful live propulsion washed in a psych/post punk/shoegaze blur.”  We blasted through an all new set of songs, in a preview of a new album we’re about to record.


Big thanks to our friend and amazing photographer, Jeff Mendenhall, for coming out to the show and taking these great photos!  You can see all of his work and can buy prints here:  https://www.instagram.com/jeffmendenhallphotography/


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