Ten Million Lights in Forkster Top Singles of 2018

Ten Million Lights are very excited to be featured as one of the top singles of 2018 by Forkster, coming in at #12. Check out what they have to say and listen to the Spotify playlist below:

“#12 ‘Mayday’ by Ten Million Lights
Music Effort: Off their self-released 10-song album ‘Sour Oranges’.

Genres Heard: Shoegaze excellence and noise rock/psych rock might.

Song Strengths: This dreamy yet musically erupting tune is massive. Shoegaze supreme quality here as well as a volcanic trippy noise rock ending that just had my ear music modules warming wonderfully! Fans of Slowdive, MBV, RIDE and Swervedriver well, you’ll absolutely ‘love’ this track!”


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