Ten Million Lights Mix It All Up

Ten Million Lights - Red Tornado single cover

Big thanks to music blog Mix It All Up for making Red Tornado their Song Of The Day on March 19th, 2018.  They also had some really nice things to say.

“Taking some inspiration from 60’s psychedelia but putting their own spin on it, Ten Million Lights latest single ‘Red Tornado‘ is a must-listen. Complete with angsty guitars for the most-part but calming down to something a lot less chaotic in the verses, it’s a track that’s energetic but knows where to ease up where it needs to most. It’s fuzzy, catchy and just when you think the storm’s over, it comes back once more. Only in a good way though! ‘Red Tornado’ is taken from the band’s forthcoming LP ‘Sour Oranges’ which is set for release on 20th April.”


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