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technology has made our lives easier. but has it made our lives any better?

ten million lights -- 10ml, if you will -- wouldn't exist if not for giant strides made in home audio recording technology. (ok, 10ml might exist without firewire, core audio, flash drives and whatnot, but it would sound completely different.) and just to show exactly how much we love technology - we're going live without a drummer.

ryan and eric started this project after our last band, saturna, burned out. we had a good run. we had the amazing opportunity to tour with bob mould (!!) in 2008. we licensed songs to tv shows. we got to play a ton of shows in portland and seattle, and we made trips to SXSW and NYC. but sometimes these things come to an end. and when they do, it's really valuable to stop and take a breath. think about some lessons you might have learned. think about how you might do things differently next time. that's what we did, and that's how 10ml got started.

technology enabled us to sketch out song ideas in their earliest forms, and take our sweet sweet time tweaking the sounds and the textures. the possibilities are infinite. paralyzing, really. that's half the reason why this took so long. thanks to technology, we're able to fuse together some of our favorite aspects of 80s/early 90s UK guitar rock along with the sensibilities of some of our favorite current records. it's not an homage to kevin shields or daniel ash or whomever. it's just us figuring out how to create a certain ambiance and mood, and set it all off with (we hope) memorable pop hooks.

under different circumstances, it's entirely plausible that we would still be taking turns uploading snippets of song ideas and different mixes back and forth to each other. we were on that cycle of paralysis by options. thankfully, we met emily. she moved to portland in 2009 from san francisco because she heard that we have bitchin' food carts and people to pump your gas for you. she has a wonderful voice, she's about as sweet as a peach, and she liked what we were trying to do. we asked her to sing on a song. and so she did. she sang on all of them, in fact, and it was declared "awwwwesome" by all involved. thus, the 10ml duo became a trio.

we could feel some momentum. so we set and missed some arbitrary deadlines. we set a goal for releasing a cd, and we did everything we could to make it sound like it wasn't recorded in our bedrooms and basements. then we called it done, because dammit, we had a deadline. timothy stollenwerk mastered it beautifully. now we have boxes of CDs in our living rooms. which is funny, because, y'know, you're just going to download it instead.

we figured out how to translate the whole laptop drums thing for the purposes of playing live, and we began rehearsing. we've spent the last few months tweaking things here and there. we've got this website and a press kit and a myspace page and all the things that bands are supposed to have. and we're ready to share it with the world. like the first song on the record says: here we are. so let's see what happens next.

so, has technology made our lives any better? yes it certainly has. now download a 10ml song and tell us if you agree.